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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Satin Shorts

Shorts, shorts, shorts!! They are just everywhere...Fergie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Cameron Diaz are all wearing different kinds of shorts... You can just match this VERSATILE shorts with a huge variety of tops, shoes and accessories...
This black shorts hugs your thighs perfectly~
The ribbon sash is included too ^^
Also available in brown for more vintagey look... Look at the side pockets...
Code : 027
Size : free( fits S~M)
Material: satin
Quantity : 3 pcs
Price : RM 40
Status : Brown - Available
Brown - Available
Black - SOLD

Plaid Mini

Avril Lavigne is celebrating her victory.. Looking so confident in her plaid minis~Fergie is singing her heart out in her concert.. Looking gorgeous on stage with her shimmering plaid minis... Total hottie!
Miley Cyrus is looking like a sporty chic in her yellow plaid mini skirt.. Pair it up with knee-high socks and canvas shoes... Cuteness =P
Pair it with knee-high socks to look flirty =P

We got the same plaid minis as the picture shown!!
Available in 3 different colours.. Super sexy + stylish, right?
Code : 026
Size : free (fits XS~small L)(stretchable)
Material: Cotton +Polyester
Quantity: 4 pcs
Price : RM 36
Status :
Yellow/Black - SOLD OUT
Red/White - Available
Red/Black - Available
Red/Black - SOLD OUT

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Romantic Ruffles

Giuliana dePandi is looking graceful and lovely at the red carpet event. Ruffles do add feminity to the plain white tank top.
Looking over the top, the blouse is loaded with ruffles. A wonderful creation from Isaac Mizrahi! Everyone just love ruffles,no? WE DO!! Wear it with a high-waisted skirt and a pair of pumps for a chic and stylish look
The shiny material of satin is adding the glam to ruffles!
For a casual wear, you can wear it with a wide legged pants and a pair of flats..

Code : 024

Size : free

Material : satin

Quantity : 2 pcs

Price : RM 43

Status : 1 pc - SOLD OUT

1 pc - Available

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are featured!

Hey girls! Again, we are featured in 3 different websites. A big thank you for featuring us! So now, let's check out what they've reviewed on our 'Starlicious' style!

Item featured : Happy Smiley!
"Armed with a really big smiley face and that tiny lil ribbon down right, it made this a really cute piece!"

Item featured : Denim Pinafore Dress
"Me like this buttoned down dress!Like soo western style, kan?
Those innocent looking girls we see in movies. Gosh!"

Sequinned Tunic
"Ever dream of dressing up oh-so-glamorously without burning your pockets?
This bling dress will work its spell for ya! All you have to do, match it with accessories!"

Item featured : Grafitti Bubble!
"A graffiti mini dress? A bubble mini dress that is *giggles* How cute is that now? Simplicity is definitely the best thing around town, no? Just a little design at the hemline and hey, nothing too plain or too loud, just nice!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kiss Kiss!

Looks like the "Suspender" and "button" pinafore style are getting trendy lately! The suspender style has existed since 1822..Believe it or not.This fashion stays! Although it is simple...but it is special! As the saying goes, Only great minds can afford a simple style!

Yellow pinafore with "Buttons On" , attached in one!

Wow..All in one!

Aqua green "Kiss" with suspenders attached along with back pockets AND
Y-back crosspatch !

All In ONE! Perfect!

Code : 022

Size : free
Material: Cotton

Quantity: 2 pcs

Price : RM 43

Status :
Yellow Button - Available
Aqua Green Clip - SOLD OUT

Happy Smiley!

Sweet smile?

Confident smile?
Smiley couple?

Smile smile smile!
"Don't worry, Be happy" is the right slogan to describe our Happy Smily top. Bring out the colourful happy smile within you on the shiny day!
(p.s. guys love girls with Sweet & Happy smile!)

Smile equals to Happiness

Ribbon equals to Sweetness =)
Code : 021

Size : free
Material: Cotton
Quantity: 2 pcs

Price : RM 40

Status :
Pink - Available
Grey- Available

Graffiti buBBle

White is our all time favourite color! It is easy to match with all kinds of accessories, pants, skirts, heels...etc. Britney, Misha and Kate look good with the white top, don't you think so?
Ah ah...WHy not trying our latest white Graffiti Bubble Dress ? Not too plain,

not too simple and it's just the RIGHT choice!

Looks cooler with belt!

Code : 020

Size : free

Material: Cotton

Quantity: 2 pcs

Price : RM 40

Status :
1pc - SOLD OUT
1 pc- SOLD OUT

Sequinned Tunic

Inspired by the elegant style of Forever 21.........

Don't you girls always wanna figure out what suits you Best on a Saturday night?

Always wanna find the top that is multipurpose, multistyle and multiShake? HAHA. You girls are lucky.....Starlicious have got you SEQUINNED TUNIC!
Even famous korean sassy girl Jun Ji Hyun got that style!

Girls, bring that CHARM into you!

Code : 019

Size : free

Material: Cotton

Quantity: 1 pc each

Price : RM 45

Status : Purple : SOLD OUT
Turqoise : Available
Black : Available