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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halter Ombre

Dyed fabric is making a comeback! Macy Ombre is looking simply elegant in that dress. Girls,

I would recommend that this is the BEST choice for dinner. With this dress, it brings out elegance and maturity look in you. With the sparkling diamond on this dress, it would be

Purr-Fect for a smouldering night out!

Code : 043
Size : free ( stretchable)

Quantity : 1pc (NON-RESTOCKABLE)

material :lycra (with silver threads)

price : RM 49
Status : Available


There's nothing sexier than a bewitching black dress at night! Match it with accessories and Guess What?! You're REady for a Saturday Night Fever!

Shhh.~~ secret to share..Even Lindsay and Katie wear this to get attention and SHine shine shine!!

Code : 042
Size : free ( stretchable)

Quantity : 1 pc(NON-RESTOCKABLE)

material : Chiffon
price : RM 42
Status : Available


Stars like Mischa Barton seems to look really gorgeous in that tight sexy dress huh?

However...too tight might not be so comfortable isn't it? Well WE have a Better Choice for you girls! Wanna look gorgeous, sweet AND comfortable?

Code : 040
Size : free ( stretchable)

Quantity : 1 pc

material : Chiffon
price : RM 45
Dress + Belt = RM 65!!
Status : Available

Monday, October 20, 2008

SEED's Shoulder Bag

Hey babes, check out this cool bag~

You can get this branded handbag at a very low price!


This bag is slightly larger than the hobo bag...Also available in army green! With multi-pockets, you can surely carry almost everything with it! This bag will just make you look younger and fresher all day long~

Code : 039

(brand new & in excellent condition)

Quantity : 6 pcs (NON-RESTOCKABLE)

material : Polyester

retail price : RM 89.00, NOW WE ARE RESELLING IT FOR RM 39.00!!!
Status : Black - 3 pcs ALL SOLD
Army Green - 3 pcs Available

SEED's Hobo Bag

Wanna have a stylish looking bag with a multi-purpose function?
Look at wht we have here....

This hobo bag makes your day easier and convenient.. You can carry your lipstick, compact powder, mirror, combs, ipod,mobile phone, mascara... ALL In just one bag! Look at the multi pockets... Lots of them~
Code : 038
(brand new & in excellent condition)

Quantity : 3 pcs(NON-RESTOCKABLE)

material : Polyester

retail price : RM 89.00, NOW WE ARE RESELLING IT FOR RM 39.00!!

Status : Black - 2 pcs ALL SOLD
Army Green - 1 pc left!!

Two-tone Chiffon Dress

Spotted : Carmen Electra and Paris Hilton are wearing the same two-tone dress..

A two-tone dress from BWithG Lesley...
Two-tone dresses are so HOT for this year... We have something more feminine for you~

With chiffon as its material, this dress is simply romantic and feminine..
A perfect dress for a date with a guy you adore~
Love is surely in the air ^^ Closer look at the bow situated around the waist~
Code : 036

Size : free ( stretchable)
Quantity : 2 pcs (NON-RESTOCKABLE)
material : Chiffon
price : RM 40

Status : White/Black - Available
Apricot/Black - SOLD OUT

Friday, October 10, 2008

Basic V-neck (originally from P&Co)

Hey girls... yearn for something simple and subtle? You are at the right place!

This tight fitting top is a must have in your wardrobe~
It can be matched with all sorts of accessories and bottoms..
This perfect piece is completed with a little lacey details~ Also available in orange~

(tags are attached)
Code : 032
Size : Blue - S
Orange - M
Quantity: 2 pcs (NON-RESTOCKABLE)
Material : Cotton
retail price : RM 59.00, NOW WE ARE RESELLING FOR RM 26.00
Status : Blue - SOLD OUT
Orange - SOLD OUT

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Starlicious 18 (originally from P&CO)

Looking stylish and lovely at the same time, Hilary Duff is wearing a red sleeveless top.. Paired with a black shorts, She surely made a statement~!

We have something bold and simple~ A red sleeveless top with a star-shaped badge written 18 attached to it
We have a pair of black shorts too... To style like Hilary Duff.. You gonna need this!!
Selling for only RM 40!! Simply outrageous~
(tags are attached)
Code : 031
Size : S
Material : Cotton
Quantity - 1 pc (NON-RESTOCKABLE)
retail price : RM 49.00,WE ARE RESELLING IT FOR RM 26.00
Status : Available
COMBO package : Starlicious 18 top + shorts = ONLY RM 62

Sequinned Racerback

Below, its a black embellished racerback top from WAREHOUSE..Starlicious has something as good as this...

With a splash of sequins, this racerback top is Oh-So-FAB

There are sequins at the back too!
Comes in blue

And white..... extremely comfortable
You can look FAB for a casual day out by pairing it with any types of jeans or even wear it for a night out with your girls^^
(tags are attached)
Code : 029
Size : Brown - S/M
Blue - S/M
White - M/L
Material : Cotton
Quantity : 3 pcs ( NON- RESTOCKABLE)
Price: RM 29
Status : Brown - Available
Blue - SOLD
White - SOLD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Satin Shorts

Shorts, shorts, shorts!! They are just everywhere...Fergie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Cameron Diaz are all wearing different kinds of shorts... You can just match this VERSATILE shorts with a huge variety of tops, shoes and accessories...
This black shorts hugs your thighs perfectly~
The ribbon sash is included too ^^
Also available in brown for more vintagey look... Look at the side pockets...
Code : 027
Size : free( fits S~M)
Material: satin
Quantity : 3 pcs
Price : RM 40
Status : Brown - Available
Brown - Available
Black - SOLD